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Paddle surfing is a fun sport to incorporate into your leisure activities. It is practiced both at sea and in rivers and brings great benefits. Discover its advantages in this post!

Have you ever practiced paddle surfing? Well, the arrival of good weather is an excellent opportunity to start and know all the benefits of this sport, as well as fun.

Paddle surfing is also practiced in rivers and lakes, not only in the sea, since waves are not needed to perform it. The exercise is to keep standing on a board a little wider than normal surf and then paddle above the water.

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Health benefits.

Like any other sport, paddle surfing also brings great benefits for both mental and physical health.

Not in vain, although we are in a moment of fun and leisure, its practice involves an energy and caloric expenditure, which speeds up the metabolism to lose weight, in the event that it is accompanied by adequate food.

Maintaining balance on the board is a greater effort than one imagines, with which the trunk and legs are strengthened in a safe and effective manner.

Also, as a consequence of the fun, by the mental activity carried out by being in full contact with the sea, the levels of stress and anxiety, produced during the day to day due to work or study time, are reduced, which always It is an important benefit.

Paddle Surf practice on the sea.

If you decide to venture and practice it at sea (there are plenty of places in the Valencian Community), you should follow a series of recommendations:

- Always carry with you a waterproof watch with GPS function, so you can return if you get too far.

- Equip yourself also with a life jacket to swim effortlessly at the time of returning.

- Do not forget to protect yourself from the sun and avoid boats. Thus, you will enjoy paddle surfing to the fullest.

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