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Men sana in corpore sano.

The Team of What to do in Valencia is characterized by offering different excursiones, in which you can get to know the city of Valencia and its surroundings in an active way, being responsible with the environment and always enriching yourself with some sulture and gastronomy of the area.

In today's article we want to talk about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, because after all, it is our philosophy of life. It is not that we are experts, but we are going to tell you how we like to enjoy the day a day, trying to keep fit and leading a life as balanced as possible. In addition, we take the opportunity to reveal a fantastic news to you, and it is that taking care of yourself living in Valencia has never been so easy, we have the pleasure to collaborate with the Brecol Guide, thanks to the Valencian Carmen Navarro.

What is Brecol Guide? Your new shopping, leisure and restaurant guide, always focused on the most recommended places due to its ecological ethics. We recommend that you download the mobile app, and if you resist to it, you can find it on FaceBook and Instagram as well, so there is no excuse for you to start moving and get healthy habits! We make it even easier, click here:

How do we try to lead a healthy lifestyle?

First, we believe that the external world is what we project, so the first step towards good health is the positive attitude. Maintaining a good mood is essential to face daily challenges, so, in What to do in Valencia, we decide to always wear a smile.

A positive attitude is followed by a balanced diet. We are fortunate to live in Valencia, a Mediterranean city that offers a wide gastronomic diversity. Here you can take a varied diet, vegetarian or vegan without problem, since we have typical products of the Valencian orchard, the sea and the mountain.

As you can see in our publications, What to do in Valencia is composed of a group of young people, who bet on daytime life and enjoy the dream, an important part to maintain a balanced biorhythm. Surely you have already read in many articles that it is advisable to sleep about eight hours. Sleep is crucial to give our brain a rest; therefore improves mental work, physical functions, prevents diseases and increases the performance of our capabilities among other benefits. eye! This does not mean that we do not extend the dinners a few more hours of the account from time to time to enjoy with those around us.

Last but not least, what we could say is the key point of What to do in Valencia. Include some physical activity several days a week and avoid sedentary lifestyle. We can choose a sport that motivates us and practice it three or four times a week, if we can spend 30 minutes a day doing some basic exercises, it will also be enough. Fleeing the stillness is simpler than it seems, you can start by changing small habits such as the transports you use to move around the city. The What to do in Valencia team opts for the bicycle as regular transport, we do not pollute and we add a daily activity. Physical exercise, of course, will give you a dose of energy and happiness that will complete your healthy lifestyle.

We hope you enjoyed this article, then we leave you some links related to the excursions we have, with which you can start putting your healthy life into practice.

"Travel with us and enjoy a more sustainable world!" - Brecol Guide


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