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A paradise full of nature and culture for the little ones.

It is true that the Valencian Community offers many options for excursions and enjoy its incredible natural landscapes, but not all of them are recommended to visit with children because of their high level of difficulty or danger. In this article we are going to mention some of the excursions you can do with children without having to worry more than usual.


The visit to the city of Sagunto, its Roman Theater and the Castle is a totally recommendable excursion to do with children. This exit contains a high cultural value, as well as easy access. All this, together with the short distance of the route, makes both parents and children spend a day of the most entertaining, while acquiring certain knowledge about the Roman era. You can combine this visit with the "Marjal dels Moros", a protected natural area where depending on the time of year, you will see pink flamingos coming from Africa.

You can get more information about this break by clicking on the following link: Trip to Sagunto


Another fantastic excursion, although somewhat further from the city of Valencia, is a visit to Morella, the walled city. During this journey we will enter the medieval era through its narrow stone streets and its charming houses with wooden trusses. We can see its beautiful church and the great wall that surrounds the city in a beautiful natural environment, which both in summer and winter gives us a view that fall in love.

Without a doubt, Morella is one of the most beautiful cities in the Valencian Community. You can book a guided tour by clicking on the following link: Trip to Morella


La Font Roja is another of the charming environments that the Valencian Community has to visit with children. It is located in the Hoya de Alcoy, between Alcoy and Ibi. This natural park is very rich in content, for the first knowledge of the little ones about nature. In it, we can differentiate very clearly the various ecosystems that the park presents, due to the climatic differences existing between its north face and its south face, with the respective flora. We can explain in depth why it is called La Ruta de las Neveras. The name is due to the large underground chambers built with rocks, formerly used to store ice throughout the year. A very nice and enjoyable trip to do with children.

If you want more information about this excursion, click on the following link:  Trip to La Font Roja


The natural park of La Albufera is undoubtedly the fastest, simplest and most comfortable option (although not less attractive) for an excursion with children. First of all, it should be noted that it is very well connected to the metropolitan transport network, line 25 of the EMT will leave you in the same natural park so you do not have to worry about your vehicle. A trip without any risk or complexity for children, where you can take a quiet walk around the lake, see the extensive area dedicated to rice cultivation and relax with the little ones on the wooden jetty while enjoying the incredible sunset Sun. Among the fauna of the natural park of La Albufera you can find ducks, seagulls and even beautiful pink flamingos, depending on the season.

If you want to live this experience with us, you can hire this tour by clicking on the following link:  Trip to La Albufera



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