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There are many of us who love paddle surf. We keep asking ourselves what to do or what to visit when we arrive to a new city. Believe it or not, on top of this wonderful board there are many places waiting to be discovered. It's a pleasure for us to leave you this small article, giving some ideas about what to do with a paddle surf board in the city of Valencia and its surroundings. There are several options and we will be quoting them from the North to the South.

We will get started in the province of Castellón. We can go to Peñíscola, one of the most beautiful towns of the Valencian coast. This turns to be a very interesting option to get into on your paddle surf board and see the beautiful castle of Peñíscola that is located in the highest area of ​​the rock that dominates the city. If you want to enjoy this beautiful town avoiding crowds of tourists, we recommend you to go in March, April, May, September or October. On these times you can enjoy a perfect climate that has little to envy to the summer season. If you prefer to take this tour with official guides in order to expand your knowledge and discover this beautiful place, click "here".

A little further onto the South and heading towards the interior of the Valencian Community, we find the Pantano de Arenoso in the Alto Mijares region, a seemingly quiet place to practice this sport in an exclusive and different area. In this place you can not trust, we always advise to be accompanied by experts and connoisseurs of the area since it is usual that from 12 o'clock a strong wind starts blowing in the valley area and makes the way back quite difficult. You can find an amazing and safe experience in the following link: "Paddle surf between mountains".

Returning to the coastal area, bordering the city of Valencia, we will find "the little Venice." This is how the port of Alboraya is called, also known as Port Saplaya, a small and quiet port where you can have a ride with your paddle surf board and discover all the channels that are inside.The contrast of colors between their houses reflected on the water will leave a beautiful picture in your memory.

Very close to "little Venice" (about 10 km to the South) we have the Marina of Valencia, a place well traveled by tourists from all over the world where we can see luxury yachts and sailboats, as well as incredible modernist buildings such as the Veles e Vents building or the shell of Marina Beach Club. This place is very attractive also to visit it by bicycle and take the option to return through the orchard of Alboraya. In the following link you can find a complete option to discover all this area. "Discover Valencia by bike".

Back to the mountainous area of the interior and towards Madrid from Valencia, we come across several swamps, but we will go into the Benagéber reservoir, where we will enjoy a clamed day surrounded by Mediterranean pine. We can complement our paddle surf tour with a short walk through the Chorros de Barchel. In addition, in the swamp environment there is the possibility of renting a kayak, canoe and inflatable or rigid paddle surf boards. Discover this magnificent environment with experienced monitors in the following link "Excursion to the Benageber Swamp".

From the Mountain we move again to the sea, possibly to one of the most impressive coasts of the whole Mediterranean. About 100 km south of the city of Valencia, we arrive at Denia, an old fishing village that hides incredible places in the surroundings of the Natural Park of the Montgó Massif, one of the last foothills of the Cordilleras Béticas to the east and shared between the town of Jávea and Denia. It is difficult to count every place you can enjoy with your paddle surf around this area, but we will especially mention Cova Tallada and Cabo de San Antonio, a rocky area sculpted by the sea that has led to incredible natural attractions where, with a little imagination, you can enjoy your own natural pool, your small port to dock the SUP or enter this huge cave. You can "know this area" with the team of What to do in Valencia.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the coast of San Vicente in the city of Alicante, a very interesting area for practicing paddle surf, a few meters from the old town and from which you can see at the top of the mountain and a few meters from its castle, in contrast to large buildings dedicated to entertainment venues and hotel chains.

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