Description of the excursion.

Distance 1,7 Km

Difficulty Easy

Sportswear Yes

You can swim Yes

Guide Fernando Fernando

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30 €

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Descripción de la excursión.

We propose you to spend a day as we Valencians do. Enjoy the everyday, breath the wonderful atmosphere that this city offers. In this tour, we show you how we live in Valencia, a day in which culture, gastronomy and leisure get mixed so you do not want to leave. Delighting yourself with this experience will make you understand why Valencia is such a special city, and why we like to live it on the streets so much.







PRICE: 30 € PER PERSON (minimum 4 people).


DURATION: 5H (flexible schedule). From 10h am to 15h pm.

* Kitchen hours of products purchased in the central market from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                                           ADVERTISE:  This tour is not available on sundays, hollidays or fallas week.



The Mercado Central de Valencia is about what this experience revolves around. This market is characterized by the great variety of its products, as well as the freshness and high quality of them. This wonder houses, not only places to buy food, but also typical souvenirs of the Valencian land. This building occupies an area of 8,160 square meters that are divided into different areas, depending on what is sold at each stop. The fishmongers fill an octagonal area that extends over 1,400 square meters, leaving the remaining 6,760 square meters used for the rest of points of sale within an irregular area. The parking area covers 7,690 square meters, formerly used for the fish auction. El Mercado Central de Valencia contains approximately 300 independent traders, becoming the largest trade centre in Europe, whose main movement is the sale of fresh products. This market is also the first in the world to install a computerized sales system, as well as home sales.

Let's talk now from the architectural point of view, the Mercado Central de Valencia is a construction of Valencian modernist style, it began to be built in 1914, by the hand of Francesc Guardià i Vial and Alexandre Soler i March. It is a building that combines different elements such as; the metal, the domes, the glass and the columns, thus creating a kind of cathedral of commerce. We must highlight the magnificent pearly dome, 30 meters high that is presented in the centre of it, topped by a weather vane with a bird. Of course, among the different materials, we find pottery, always present in Valencian art pieces, as well as La Senyera Valenciana, the city's flag that can be found in different areas of the market, among other buildings.

Throughout the morning, we will walk through Las Torres de Quart, one of the old gates of the city of Valencia. We will take you down the street of the same name, until we reach the Plaza del Tossal, where you will discover several typical places in the city, perfect for a drink at any time of the day. We will go down the well-known Calle Bolseria, which will take us to the Plaza del Mercado. We will be able to learn about the old Valencian shops, small shops dedicated to wool and straw handmade products. We will take advantage of the cultural environment to explain the Iglesia de los Santos Juanes and La Lonja, two emblematic buildings of Valencia. Once arrived at the Mercado Central, we will enter giving an explanation about it, as well as recommending you some booths so you can make purchases of various products. You will have a time in which you can visit the market at your leisure, take pictures and make a tasting if you want. Once you have finished, we will go to one of the most popular taverns frequented by Valencians, it is a bar where you can consume the products that you have acquired in the market, practically direct from the orchard, the land or the sea, to your plate.

Once you have recovered your strength, we will enjoy a walk through a neighborhood as well known as El Mercat, within the district of Ciutat Vella. We will cross through ancient streets, typical Valencian shops and, of course, we will teach you about leisure places frequented by locals and terraces where you can taste the best horchata (Valencian traditional vegetable drink) in Valencia, in the center of the city. We will recommend you bars to spend an afternoon chilling, where to go for lunch and where you can cool off with a beer. We will go through the Plaza Redonda, a renovated place where all Valencian people have gone in their childhood, whether to play, to buy pets or change sticky cards. We will continue the visit towards the Plaza del Doctor Collado, always with the recommendation of bars to have a snack or drink something and terraces where you can relax. If you are also one of those who appreciate a good craft beer, we will show you one of the places where we Valencians go.

Towards the end of the trip, you can not miss something sweet for the sweet tooth, we will show you a bakery where you can buy typical desserts from Valencia to take them home. To finish, we will return to the Plaza del Tossal, where we will find a small underground art gallery, the Galería del Tossal. Once here, we will leave you after having informed you of some more bars and terraces, where you can stay all the time you want, living the "tardeo" (spending the evening having drinks and chilling from one terrace to another) of valencia, like authentic Valencians, savoring a glass of Agua de Valencia (typical drink of the area).

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