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Distance 2 Km

Difficulty Easy

Sportswear Yes

You can swim Yes

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69 €

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Descripción de la excursión.

Enjoy this emblematic Valencian natural park and live one of the best sunsets ever.








PRICE:  69€ PER PERSON (minimum 2 people).

*15% off for groups.

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DURATION: 5H (flexible schedule).


The Albufera Natural Park is the most important in the province of Valencia. It is a lake separated from the sea by  a narrow coastal bar with dunes stabilized by a pine forest (Dehesa or Devesa del Saler). Besides, it is a transit zone for many species of migratory birds and the rice crops occur along the way. As an anecdote, the Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez wrote the novel Cañas y barro, set in the Albufera at the beginning of the 20th century. Of enormous ecological value, it hosts endangered species such as the "samaruc"  and is one of the few remaining well preserved lakes in the Valencian Community, whose coast used to be formed by a succession of ponds and marshes.

Following the road that runs along this Valencian coastal strip, we will make our first stop at Gola de El Pujol, one of the 5 gorges or channels that connect the Albufera with the Mediterranean sea, where we will make a small route of about 700 metres, parallel to the Gola from the gates which join the lake with the sea until the Camí Vell de la Devesa, at the height of an artificial lake. Through a series of indications from informative posters, we wil know the flora, fauna, traditions and history of the Albufera.

The next stop will be in the village of El Palmar, a small fishing town, where we will have a typical valencian paella and we will enjoy a boat ride by the Albufera. We will then head to the town of Cullera, where we can see monuments such as the Lighthouse, the Castle (with excellent views of the Gulf of Valencia towards the Montgó) and the Dragut Cave. After passing by the Lighthouse, we will ascend to the castle which dominates both, the town and the sea. Built in the 13th century by order of King James I the Conqueror over the ancient Arab Fort, it became walled, although these walls no longer exist in their entirety, leaving only a few sections.

After enjoying the panoramic view that the castle offers us, we will visit the cave of the famous Berber corsair, Dragut. In the history of the city, pirate attacks were important, given that with a wide seafront to the Mediterranean, the kingdom of Valencia became the target of the Berber pirates (Tunisians and Algerians) who regularly attacked and looted the populations of the Valencian coasts, lacking an effective defensive system.

In 1550, as part of his campaign to plunder the Mediterranean, the pirate Dragut assaulted the town of Cullera and got an important booty of goods and captives. This happening caused great commotion in Cullera at the time and it was practically depopulated during decades. In the cave where, according to legend, the exchange of prisoners took place, this interesting museum about Mediterranean piracy in the 16 th century is located.

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