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Description of the excursion.

Distance 4 Km

Difficulty Easy

Sportswear Yes

You can swim Yes


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26 €

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Descripción de la excursión.

Welcome to the Fallas tour, the main festival of this city and the most awaited throughout the year by all Valencians.
And as in What to do in Valencia, we love to show our lovely city, and above all, that you enjoy it, as a real local, we offer two types of tours, the morning with the Mascletà, and the night with the beautiful illumination show.

Morning Tour.

In the morning tour, we will learn about everything related to the Fallas while we visit the most important and beautiful Fallas of the center of Valencia, and to finish it, we will enjoy the emblematic Mascleta (pyrotechnic show). During this tour, we will also have the typical "Chocolate & Churros"

Night Tour.

In the Night tour, we will learn about everything related to the Fallas while we visit the most important and beautiful Fallas of the center of Valencia, and to finish it, we will enjoy the fantastic illumination. During the tour we will also have a typical drink & Tapa

Regardless of the type of tour, we have prepared a small gift for all participants, to enjoy even more if you can, as an authentic Valencian :D


Approximate duration: 3 hours (Break included)


Price 26 € per person


Meeting time: 11:00  AM


Meeting point: Torres de Serranos


Minimum number of people for the tour: 2


Tourist spots: Torres de Serranos, Falla Na Jordana, Plaza del tosal (el Carmen), Falla del Pilar, Clothes shops , Falla del Mercado y de la Merced (Plaza del Mercado), Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Estación del norte, Falla del Convento de Jerusalén, Mascletà (mornig tour), lIlumination (night tour)


The tour includes:
-English Speaking Official Tour Guide
-Break with Chocolate and Churros (morning tour) or typical drink & Snacks (night tour)*
*additional drinks and tapas etc, are NOT included in the price.



IT IS NECESSARY TO MAKE THE RESERVATION THROUGH OUR WEBSITE TO ATTEND THE TOUR. You will be able to do it by clicking on the "RESERVE" tab in blue on this page or contacting us through the following e-mail: info@whattodoinvalencia.com
When you Make the reservation plase indicate wich tour you prefer (Morning tour or Night tour). Thank You.




Welcome to the tour through the Fallas of Valencia, the main celebration of this city and the most expected throughout the year by all Valencian people, since the very last moment whehe famous monuments (“Las Fallas”) are burnt, until next year. Precisely, this festivity has its origin during the 19th century, the night of San José (boss of the carpenter’s guild), when people burned the wood which had been used during the winter to maintain the candlesticks illuminating during the workday. Over time, these pieces of wood were getting bigger and bigger, adding touches of criticism and irony to them.

The turning point was when this celebration was banned in the second half of the 19th century, when the popular power prevailed and even the Valencian satirical magazine La Traca began to give prizes to these artworks, a fact that made the festivity grow until what has become today and even become Heritage Immaterial of Humanity in the year 2017. But Las Fallas are not only well-known monuments that will later be burnt, but also, a set of sensations and experiences in the form of parades, fire castles, lights, gunpowder smell and music 24/7 that you will enjoy during your visit with a member of What to do in Valencia.

This tour will start at Las Torres de Serranos, precisely at the point where the act of La Crida (the call) takes place. It is also where all the falleros meet on the last Sunday before March to start the celebration of Las Fallas. From here we will walk through Calle Roteros, passing through the Church of the old Convento del Carmen, until the Plaza del Portal Nou, where the Falla Na Jordana is currently based. This historical committee, positioned in the fourth place of first prizes with 12 awards, located its monument at a previous intersection which we will be crossing, but because it was growing its size so much, they had to move it to its current point. From here, we will walk along Calle Alta and Plaza del Tossal, breathing the pure Fallas atmosphere, until the Plaza del Pilar, where the Falla of the same name is located. This committee is the most successful, with 16 first prizes in the special section. Definitely, its incredible colors and sumptuous shapes will not leave you indifferent. We will next walk towards the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to see the monument that is based there, which does not enter into into the competition. But, not without first going through the oldest committee of Fallas of Valencia, which is third in the rank of awards (13 awards), La Falla del Mercado. Next to it, we have the Falla de la Plaza de la Merced, with many anecdotes about the day of “la cremà” (day in which monuments are burnt) and the buildings and balconies which surround it. It’s probably here, during this magical night, when the fire department has to be reinforced with more employees. It’s in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, every day from the 1st of March until the 19th, where we can enjoy the famous “mascletàs”. 

The next Falla we will visit is very close to the Estación del Norte, it is the one of Convento Jerusalem - Matemático Marzal. Undoubtedly one of the most important, with several well-known characters of the city between its falleras and falleros, it has taken the first position several times this past years, elevating its place until the second. After watching this delightful sculpture, in the morning tour, we will come back to Plaza del Ayuntamiento to enjoy the famous “mascletàs

In the case of the night tour, after watching Convento Jerusalem - Matemático Marzal we will continue our visit towards the neighbourhood of Ruzafa, visiting the committees of Sueca-Literato Azorín and Cuba-Literato Azorín, both very close one from the other. It’s remarkable from these, their spectacular lighting structure which illuminates the whole street. This lighting is one of the most desired events by valencian people.


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